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As advances continue to be made in the area of compression therapy, surgeons are more frequently recommending second stage garments to patients as a follow up to the garments worn immediately following surgery.  Second stage garments are designed to provide constant healing compression and support, but the garments differ slightly from those used during the first stages of your recovery.  First stage compression garments are specifically designed to offer more adjustability to accommodate the initial rawness of the trauma site and provide enough compression to aid with the subsequent swelling and bruising.  However, once the initial swelling/bruising subsides, second stage garments are the perfect aide,  designed with lighter, less compressive fabrics, allowing for a greater range of mobility as you begin to enjoy everyday activities again.

These less compressive garments allow for the necessary support required for recovery, yet continue to offer a barrier to the wound and more flexibility as you resume daily activities.  Because the trauma site becomes less sensitive over time, all second stage garments are pull-on, meaning they are less noticeable under clothing than first stage garments.  These garments are specifically designed to apply the appropriate amount of pressure needed for optimal healing, while still enabling you to have more freedom of movement once the healing process has advanced.  Simultaneously, they shape your body beautifully, improving your silhouette.

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