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Compression Garments

Gynecomastia Compression Vests & Tops

A compression vest or top is highly recommended as part of post-surgery recovery for gynecomastia. Gynecomastia compression vests and tops adapt to the body, making the healing process as painless as possible while supporting the chest in all the right ways so patients feel comfortable.

Our range of compression vests and tops are made from medical-grade materials and are comfortable to wear on a daily basis. We stock gynecomastia compression vests and tops for daily wear post surgery that can be worn discreetly under clothing.

Dealing With Gynecomastia Using A Compression Vest

Gynecomastia causes men's breasts to swell to a larger than usual size. It can occur in men and teenage boys due to a variety of factors, from puberty and ageing to hormonal imbalances and medication. 

Men with gynecomastia can wear a compression vest to reduce the size of the swollen breast tissue, if they feel sensitive about their chest's appearance. Our gynecomastia vests and tops are highly discreet, allowing them to be hidden under clothing so you don't have to restrict what you wear.

Gynecomastia can be dealt with via a surgical procedure that removes the excess breast tissue. A compression vest will provide ongoing healing benefits for swollen body tissue after gynecomastia surgery, applying deep pressure to promote blood flow. Surgeons recommend using male compression vests and tops following gynecomastia surgery because they aid recovery and improve results.

Recommended Compression Vests

The Gynaefix vest is a highly recommended compression vest for post gynecomastia surgery. The Torsofix vest is ideal for concealing gynecomastia if you are not having surgery or are pre-surgery.



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