Post Surgical Compression Garments For Men

macom®'s compression garments provide support, comfort and medical-grade compression. Our compression garments for men have been specifically tailored to men's bodies, are discreet enough to wear under your own clothing and suitable for daily use.

Male Compression Garments Made With Advanced Design & Technology

The medical-grade compression technology used in the design of our male compression garments will assist with your recovery from various surgical procedures, such as chest surgery, abdominoplasty and liposuction.

Through their design and tailoring, our compression garments for men are able to target the post-surgery needs of the male body, providing focused treatment to specific areas such as the abdomen and chest, lower body or head.

Mens Compression Garments For Every Body

We know that no two human bodies are the same or heal the same, so you will find a range of options suited to your needs. 

Some of our post surgical compression garments for men come with built-in briefs and others have open gussets allowing you to use your own underwear. Ultimately you need a garment that is easy to use and comfortable when your body or certain areas of it are more sensitive. 

All our men’s compression garments feature adjustable fastening mechanisms and seamless designs to provide you with supportive, discreet compression post surgery where you need it most.

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Frequently asked questions

Why would I need a compression insert after surgery?

Compression inserts are worn beneath the compression garment, in contact with the skin, providing gentle, uniform and continuous compression thus helping to keep the treated area flat. The inserts help to decrease dead space, and facilitate the retraction of the skin post detachment. The insert provides support to the surgical site and helps to avoid fluid retention, minimising the risk of haematomas, alleviating the bruising & optimising lymphatic drainage post procedure.

How do I measure my head for the face lifter?

To measure your head for the face lifter, you will need to take the measurement from under your chin, over the top of the head. An table describing how to measure is on the size guide page.

My garment is too comfortable; do I need a smaller one?

Your garment should feel comfortable but still feel compressive. The best option to ensure that you have the best fitting garment is to order the size smaller and try them both on then send back the incorrect fitting garment for an exchange as you will need two, one on and one off.

What happens if there are additional costs at customs? 

In most cases, your delivery fee will cover the full cost of delivery. If there are additional costs incurred at customs, you will be contacted by the delivery service provider with details of the amounts and how to pay. 

I want to go to your shop and try a garment on, where is it?

Unfortunately we are just an online store so we do not have a shop where you can try garments on. We do not hold any stock in our London offices. We also have a 14-day return or exchange policy so you can order and try on garments in the comfort of your home. 

Please be aware that in order to receive an exchange or refund, the garment returned has to match all the requirements listed on the form of your dispatch note, or you can read returns requirements here.

Can I buy a garment and collect from you?

We do not hold any stock in our London offices so all orders will need to be delivered from our warehouse outside of London.

  • Delivery

    UK standard delivery aims to deliver within 2-5 working days. Faster delivery options are available.

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  • Returns

    Return must be postmarked within 14 days of receipt for refund/exchange in the delivered condition.

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  • Retailers

    We have partnered up with Pharmacies, Clinics and Hospitals to provide you with the best post surgical bra and services.

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