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Compression Garments

Arm Compression Garments & Shoulder Sleeves

Compression garments have proven their effectiveness in providing targeted support and shape required during the post-surgery recovery process. We’ve got together with surgeons to draw on hundreds of hours of experience carrying out, and advising on the post-op recover after a range of upper body medical and surgical procedures. Combining this with medical-grade compression technology, our sleeves and vests are specifically developed to help your body heal optimally.

Our post-surgical arm and armpit compression garments and sleeves will provide key, healing compression to these areas of your body after surgery and they also help to reduce swelling. Our arm sleeves are recommended for use after upper arm liposuction, brachioplasty, underarm procedures, fat transfer to the breast and breast augmentation.

We have taken care sure that all of our shoulder and arm compression garments are comfortable to wear in the post-surgery period and take all aspects of your recovery into consideration. They feature outward-facing seams that will not rub against incisions, no hard underwires that would bring discomfort, and expandable cups adapt to a changing breast size while moulding it into the desired shape.





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  • International Delivery
  • No hassle returns
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