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Compression Garments


Are the CRYSTALSMOOTH® leggings meant to be compressive?

CRYSTALSMOOTH® are worn just like a normal pair of leggings; all the while fighting cellulite, improving lymphatic drainage, increasing collagen synthesis and blood microcirculation. The leggings have a high composition of stretch in the fabric and do not need to fit tight to work its potent anti-cellulite formula. 

How do I know my CRYSTALSMOOTH® size in the US?

Sizing guidelines between UK and US are:

US:       UK:

2-4        6-8 (X-Small)

6           10 (Small)

8           12 (Medium)

10         14 (Large)

12+       16+ (X-Large)

Do the CRYSTALSMOOTH® really work?

CRYSTALSMOOTH®, anti-cellulite leggings are scientifically proven to treat cellulite. The independent clinical trials confirm that wearing CRYSTALSMOOTH® leggings will improve microcirculation by 88% after 60 days of wear. We recommend wearing CRYSTALSMOOTH® for 6 hours daily but the effect is considerably quicker up if also worn while exercising, as the leggings are heat activated. The more heat your body is generating, the faster the result, you can even sleep in the leggings - that's how comfortable they are. The leggings will not make you sweat excessively due to their thermo-regulating properties.

Do the CRYSTALSMOOTH® have to be touching your skin to take effect?

CRYSTALSMOOTH® leggings need to be touching the skin where you want it to work its anti-cellulite power. So if you want the leggings to treat the buttocks as well as the thighs, then ideally you would wear them with a g-string, small underwear or no underwear at all.

The leggings do not need to be fitting tight to deliver its potent cellulite busting formula, the fabric just needs to be touching the skin.

How long will the potency of the CRYSTALSMOOTH® last?

Indefinitely. CRYSTALSMOOTH® has no expiry date. The bioactive emana® crystals are embedded in the yarn and will not disintegrate, regardless of the number of washes.


They are worn just like a normal pair of leggings and are sufficiently thin to wear under the skinniest of jeans; all the while fighting cellulite, improving lymphatic drainage, increasing collagen synthesis and stimulating blood microcirculation. CRYSTALSMOOTH® can be worn on their own as a normal pair of leggings, sleepwear, loungewear, exercise gear or 'under anything wear'

If I’m only 5 foot 1, will the long leggings be too long?

The long leggings will cover your ankle so it will depend on your preference. 

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