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Compression Garments

FAQ General

Do I need a second stage garment?

You will need a second stage garment for 6 weeks after your surgery. However this decision varies from patient to patient so it is best to ask your surgeon exactly when he thinks you should begin wearing your second stage garments.

How do I wash my garments?

All macom® products should be washed by hand, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. They should be air-dried. Bleach and fabric conditioner should never be used on the products. Please do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean the garments as this may lead to permanent alteration of their shape and a loss of elasticity. Do not remove stains with solvents.

If I need a second stage garment, when should I start wearing it?

We usually recommend starting your second stage garments 8 weeks after surgery. However, it is best to ask your Doctor when they think it best for you to begin.

When can I stop using my garment?

There is no exact science; usually you will stop wearing your first stage garments 8 weeks after surgery. This can however differ from patient to patient so it is best to ask you surgeon when he thinks you are ready.

I had surgery 5 years ago, but I am still not happy with the results, if I wear the compression garments, would that shape my body?

Yes, of course. We have many shapewear garments that can be used to shape your body. Our most popular shapewear item is the WAISTSCULPTOR (code 4012s).

I have just placed an order but I want to add more garments to it, can I do that?

Please call our offices on 020 7351 0488 and we will be able to place a new order for you without charging you a second time for delivery. Please note that we are only able to add more garments to your order free of delivery charge if the first order has not been dispatched. 

I haven't received any confirmation email, how do I know my order came through?

Please check your spam folder of your inbox as well and if you are unsure as to whether your order has come through, please call our offices on 020 7351 0488.

The garment I want is not in stock, can I preorder?

You cannot preorder online, but our stock is usually replenished every 10 days so you should not have to wait long for your order.

Do you accept PayPal?

We accept PayPal for online orders.

I have 2 discount codes but the website is not letting me put them both in?

We can only accept one discount code at a time. Our system will not allow you to add more than one code.

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