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Compression Garments

Post natal

How do I get rid of my ‘mum tum’ after having children?

After having children it is quite common to be left with a little 'mummy tummy' or a small bulge, possibly a slightly lax abdominal muscle wall following birth. When having children it pushes on the abdominal muscles, which can also rupture and sometimes leave excess skin. macom® WAISTSCULPTOR can help train your abdominal muscles back together with frequent wear, it cannot get rid of loose skin or permanently suture internal muscles together as this would require surgical intervention like a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. The slimming corset is a non-invasive option to a tummy tuck which is frequently recommended by Doctors and midwives to new mothers as a post natal girdle helping to fuse and encourage the abdominal muscles back together.

If I am 8 months pregnant, how do I know which size to order?

You should order one size larger than your pre pregnancy measurements, if in doubt please call +44 (0)20 7351 0844.

How quickly after birth can I wear my Post Natal garment?

When you start wearing your post natal garment is all down to your comfort levels. If you have had a birth complication or a caesarean, it is best to ask your doctor when you are able to begin wearing compression. 

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