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Compression Garments

Stage 2 Compression Garments

We have a broad range of medical grade compression garments, including those specifically for aiding recovery after 6 weeks post surgery. These are called Stage 2 Compression Garments. Discreet, comfortable and supportive, our stage 2 compression garments allow you to continue to support your body as you return to regular life.

What is a Stage 2 Compression Garment?

Recovery post surgery takes time and at each stage you need garments that support you correctly. Stage 1 starts once surgery is complete and lasts for about 6 weeks, after which you move into stage 2. You will wear compression garments throughout recovery but stage 2 compression garments provide more intense therapy to match your body's healing.

While your body initially recovered during stage 1, your incisions might have been painful and raw. By stage 2, your body has healed somewhat but still requires support and lighter compression while you are resuming your daily life. We strongly recommend the use of a stage 2 compression garment to seal the deal when it comes to final recovery and delivering the best possible surgical results.

Following a cosmetic procedure, like BBL, tummy tuck or liposuction, your body will have changed and after the initial shock of surgery, healing will occur. After 6 weeks, a more intense compression therapy is needed to reduce swelling and alleviate the risk of hernia. Stage 2 compression garments also have features that facilitate adaptation to your changing body shape, giving the kind of unique support to make recovery as comfortable as possible. 

Our Stage 2 Compression Garments For Tummy Tucks, Liposuction, BBL & More

We have created a range of garments suited to the needs of those recovering from specific cosmetic procedures. Our range includes stage 2 compression garments for liposuction, tummy tucks, BBL and more. All these garments have been designed to give you the right support for the procedure you've had and the stage of recovery you are in.

Our stage 2 compression garments have been developed to be put on easily and to be comfortable enough for daily wear. They also provide slimming where you need it, whether in your abdomen, waist or flanks. These garments are totally adjustable for optimum comfort as well discreet underneath your own clothing and suitable to wear with your own underwear.

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