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Compression Garments

Post Surgical Compression Garments

All our post surgical compression garments are proven to be incredibly effective in aiding recovery, while protecting wounds from unnecessary abrasions, providing sufficient support and preventing lymphoedema. All while providing pain relief throughout the recovery process.

Expert Approved Medical Compression Garments

Our medical compression garments have been developed with the help of the expert surgeons who perform these procedures, ensuring these surgical compression garments are comfortable and medically beneficial. 

You can trust that your medical-grade post surgical garments have been specifically developed to prevent swelling, limit the risk of blood clots, enhance the surgical result and, most importantly, support your body as it heals.


As it recovers from surgery, your body can be fragile. It’s rebuilding itself after an invasive procedure and it has to heal properly so that you get the great results you're looking for and you can regain the quality of life you're used to as quickly as possible. Whether you've had abdominal work, a tummy tuckliposuctionbreast surgeryBBL or any other procedure, we have the perfect post surgical compression garments for you.

Our range of surgical compression garments are designed with comfort in mind and are ready for daily use following any surgical or cosmetic procedure, including postpartum after a natural or caesarean birth. 

These medical compression garments have been developed to adapt and mould to your body while providing it with maximum support through different stages of your recovery. That is why our garments give you seamless compression while being easy to use and adjustable.

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