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Compression Garments

Medical Grade Compression Leggings, Shorts & Pants

We offer medical grade compression leggings, pants and shorts. Developed by highly experienced surgeons, our compression garments balance comfort and the necessary compression to be effective. With adjustable features and fastenings, our compression leggings, pants and shorts provide extra firm compression that will not chafe and are comfortable to use on a daily basis following surgical procedures.

Post surgery, wearing compression leggings, shorts or pants will promote faster and more effective recovery.

Compression leggings, shorts and pants are recommended post surgery

Our compression garments are recommended for use after ankle and calf surgery, inner and outer thigh liposuction and knee liposuction. All of our women's compression leggings, pants and shorts are adaptable to wear during the various stages of recovery while helping to reduce swelling and lymphatic drainage as well as aid in DVT prevention.

Compression pants, or control knickers, can support your body after a hernia or postpartum, giving you the right support and ensuring a speedy recovery.

Medical grade compression leggings can also be worn by athletes after their workouts to increase blood flow and help with delayed onset muscle soreness.

Compression helps with delayed onset muscle soreness, varicose veins and more

Compression leggings and shorts can be used to combat varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and lymphedema. Wearing compression shorts or leggings will help improve circulation, allowing for faster recovery post-surgery. They can also reduce muscle fatigue and help with delayed onset muscle soreness for post workout recovery.

On long flights, which can restrict blood flow to the legs and feet due to being seated for long periods and cause varicose veins, we recommend pairing your compression leggings with compression stockings or socks.

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  • International Delivery
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