My VASER Liposuction Journey
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My VASER Liposuction Journey


Jasmine's story


About me (pre-op. info)                                           

Name: Jasmine

Age: 25

Height: 5.5

Procedure: VASER Liposuction

Pre-op size: 12

Pre-op weight: 11st

Post op weight: 10. 3 stone

Why did you decide to have the operation?

I have a latino look but I do not have the latino shape! I have always wanted a tiny waist and an hourglass figure. Not only would it mean I was more confident out of my clothes but I would be able to wear all the gorgeous figure flattering outfits I had been envying on others for so long. Adding to this my thighs rub! Summer months were constantly plagued with sore inner thighs and outfit restrictions.

I no longer wanted to feel that myself or my wardrobe were limited so I booked to see Dr Joffily. He is a well-known Brazilian surgeon famous for creating those sought after curves and shapes! As soon as I met him I knew he understood what I was after and I instantly trusted him to give me my dream bod! He listened to my concerns and took his time with me explaining exactly what could be achieved. I didn’t want to wait a second longer and booked in for the full works, Vaser liposuction on my waist, stomach, inner thighs and knees!

The day before the operation - What did you pack and what were your feelings?

I had purchased my body compression garments from macom® in black as this way I could pull them off as leggings and still manage to dress quite light as I had decided to go ahead with the procedure right in the middle of summer. I just couldn’t bring myself to wait until the winter months.

Garments packed, big comfy granny pants to go over the garments and cover my modesty and a black oversized t-shirt dress. Everything black to prevent me walking out of the hospital with any obvious blood stains! I didn’t actually need to pack that much as I would be heading back home to my own bed the very same day!

I kept getting waves of feeling nervous and then excited, worried about the recovery and going back to work and then excited to try my clothes on with my new body! I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. I tried not to get myself too worked up as it wasn’t going to make anything any better and the decision had been made

How was the day of your procedure?

On the day I actually felt quite calm and as I was first on the list I didn’t have to wait long before Dr Joffily came in to draw on the areas he was going to operate. He marked out what he was going to do carefully and checked it all over with me. I felt surprisingly at ease stood there in my paper pants as I knew he had done this many times before and although I was self-conscious about my body as I knew that this was the last time I would feel this way and it felt good.

Walking into the theatre and hopping up onto the bed was quite daunting but everyone was so reassuring and put me at ease. Oh, and the anaesthetic was actually quite a pleasurable feeling... next thing I know I heard my mum calling my name, I struggled to wake up, the same feeling as when your alarm goes off in the morning. As I came around the first thing I did was have a look at my body, it looked tiny and curvy already! I felt so glad the main part was over and now all I had to do was heal. I was happy and sleepy for the rest of the day.

How was the day after the operation?

I woke up the next day feeling slightly sore and achy as though I had been to the gym for hours! Nothing like I had imagined it would be though, If I am honest my sore throat from the anaesthetic was worse then the actual Vaser itself. I propped myself in front of the TV and settled down to catch up on my shows. Mother dearest had brought me an array of fruits to munch on including pineapple which apparently helps with healing. I tried my best to keep hydrated and drink lots of water also.

Every time I got up I couldn’t help but go to the mirror to examine my new shape, even at my skinniest my waist had never been this small and this was with swelling! Although I knew what I was after I didn’t think I was going to be possible to get this close to it. I knew already I was going to be so much happier!

The day 3, tell us about it...

I was allowed to shower!! I couldn’t wait. I very slowly got out of my garment which did leave me a bit light headed and if I am honest felt very weird. I had got used to the compression and support and I didn’t feel secure without it. I was also bruised quite badly which was surprising seeing as it didn’t feel anywhere near as bad as it looked. I could see my new shape although it was swollen, some areas more than others. Freshly showered and in my new clean garment, I felt comfortable again.

5 days after your procedure:

I have noticed the swelling has started to subside slightly and I have been left with hardening and lumps under the skin which I knew would happen as part of the healing process. I went for my first lymphatic drainage massage which although slightly uncomfortable to start with left me feeling great and much less stiff. It helped to break down hardened swelling and I am told it helps with healing so I will be keeping up with these.

I felt a lot more mobile today and ready to go back to work. When I walk I do have to take it slowly but my garment stops my legs from wobbling and I feel like it holds the skin up. I have found it easier than I thought to disguise it under my clothes especially as it’s been the hottest summer we have had! I am so glad I didn’t wait to have it done.

How did the macom® garment feel to wear?

I have grown so attached to my macom® post-surgery garments, they feel like a second skin and really relieve any pressure, keeping swelling down and supporting my new body to heal quickly. Although the garments are really tight they still have plenty of movement and are very comfortable and easy to wear with my day to day outfits. I enjoy the feeling of being supported and feel that my posture may have even got better so I am going to purchase a waist trainer and crystal smooth, anti-cellulite leggings to ensure my new body is kept in as good shape as possible.

Are you happy with the results?

I am so pleased with my results. They are better than I could ever have expected! Although the healing is a long process and patience is required it has been completely worth it. My wardrobe has expanded with newly fitted clothing and I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I would recommend it to anyone that has a problem area that bothers them.


Photos were authorised by the patient to be used on macom® website. They should not be used without the consent of macom® and the Patient.


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