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Post Surgery Compression Bras

Compression Bras That Support You

We want to support your recovery journey after breast surgery, helping you to find the right post op compression bra for you. A great, medically approved surgical bra will aid your healing process, whether from explant or implant surgery. With the right post-surgery bra, we can ensure that your after-surgery results are not just satisfactory, but better than you ever imagined. 

The road to recovery following your breast surgery is just as important as the preparation for it beforehand. Your body needs to adapt to a changing breast shape while taking into account swelling and blood circulation, and needs to stabilize your breast implants, if applicable. That is why we have developed postop bras that are comfortable, adaptive and suitable for everyday use during your recovery period and while you ease back into the daily activities of living.

Our wide range of compression bras and bralets have been specially designed in collaboration with surgeons to allow for expandable cups that mould to your new bra size while offering maximum compression and support. All of our postop bras are seamless with no underwiring and adjustable straps to ensure mobility and reduce discomfort during daily wear.

Surgical Bras

Our surgical bras can be used to assist with recovery for a range of cosmetic and medical procedures. Our range includes low to medium support bras, surgical compression bras for women with longer torsos, sports bras and chest compression wraps. No matter the stage of your recovery or the type of surgery you underwent, we will have your perfect fit.

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  • International Delivery
  • No hassle returns
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