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Compression Garments

360 Liposuction Compression Garments

Our collection of liposuction 360 compression garments and inserts provide the best, most comfortable support for your body, helping to enhance the results of your body contouring. 

Get Targeted Support For 360 Lipo Recovery

360 Liposuction is an advanced technique that involves treating the entire body, both front and back, to achieve optimal body contouring results. Traditional liposuction may only address specific areas, but with 360 Liposuction, multiple areas are targeted simultaneously, providing a more comprehensive transformation.

By recognising that the body exists in three-dimensional space, rather than just two dimensions, the body can effectively be sculpted and shaped in areas like the waistline, abdomen, flanks, and upper back. To support your lipo 360 recovery, we recommend specific garments tailored to your procedure. 

What Compression Garments To Wear After Lipo 360

360 Liposuction For Body: Abs, Flanks & Back

For 360 liposuction on your torso, we recommend the High Back Girdle (code 2001BS). This compression garment provides support to the abdomen, flanks and upper back, promoting proper healing and contour retention.

We also suggest using a Memory Foam Insert (code 92), which is worn underneath the lipo 360 garment and against the skin. Similar to a memory foam mattress, the insert aids in lymphatic drainage, enhances fluid transport out of the body, improves blood microcirculation, protects scars, and ensures the skin heals flat.

Body 360 Liposuction With Fat Transfer To Buttocks

For 360 lipo recovery following a fat transfer to the buttocks, we recommend the Long Ultimate Brazilliant Garment (code 2024L). This compression garment features an expandable buttock area, optimising the chances of your transferred fat cells settling and enhancing your buttock contour.

If you are undergoing a body lift alongside lipo 360, consider using the Long Memory Foam Insert (code 92) against your vertical scar on the hipline. This insert, worn under the garment, provides support to your scar, aids in lymphatic drainage, facilitates fluid transport, improves blood microcirculation, and promotes flat scar healing.

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