My Breast Uplift Journey
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My Breast Uplift Journey

For this Patient Journey, Amy shared her experience with getting a breast uplift with implants. She explains why she decided to get a breast lift and how she planned for the procedure, including which breast augmentation bras she chose for her recovery. Amy explains how her procedure went and the early results of her breast uplift. 

Amy's Story


Name: Amy  

Procedure: Breast Uplift with Implants.

Op info: L-325cc R-350cc moderate plus unders

Location: MYA Fitzroy - London

Surgeon: Mr Frati

macom® product: Ultimate Bra

Age: 25 y.o.

Height: 5ft 7inches

Pre op size: 36B

Pre op weight: 10stone 9lbs

Post op weight: TBC still in recovery.


Why did you decide to have the breast uplift procedure?

Early 2016 I lost a total of 70lbs after going on a strict fitness and diet regime, I had finally lost the weight and I felt on top of the world with regards to my health but when I looked in the mirror I just couldn’t celebrate my new body all I could see was my sad and droopy breasts. After doing my research I decided to have a breast lift with implants. I can now say already a few days’ post op it was the best decision of my life.


The day before the operation - What have you packed and what were you feeling?


  • macom® post surgery bra
  • Various items of loose clothing
  • Toothbrush
  • Wet wipes
  • Headphones
  • iPad
  • Fluffy socks
  • Eye mask
  • Purse
  • Charger
  • Slippers
  • Book
  • Sunglasses for when I left the hospital



Anxious but so excited may have been a mixture of nerves and hunger too. 


Tell us more about the day of the operation (DAY 1) 

The day of the operation I had to be at the clinic for 1pm. I travelled down to London by train with my chaperone, we took the morning steadily just drinking water and abiding to all the pre op rules. I checked in and, once in my room, I got into my surgery gown: pants, surgery slippers and hair net.

I had a run through with the nurses, met my surgeon again and then had my OBS taken.

At 3pm I was being prepped for surgery. By half past three I was having my general anaesthetic and that’s all I remember until I woke up.

I woke up with drains in and felt a lot of discomfort, luckily I was a night case so I had the luxury of staying in until the next day.


Tell us more about the day after the operation (DAY 2)

I am currently Day 2 Post Op so I can write a very clear account of my experience. I am home already and I have a cocktail of medications that I’m taking including antibiotics, co-codamol, muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, paracetamol and I have a laxative in case I get constipated. 

I am overall comfortable, I have my bandages on with my macom bra over the top and I feel so compressed and relaxed considering I have just had my first operation I am reasonably happy.

I don’t want to over do it but I have already been walking around steadily and have had visitors over.


How did the macom® compression garment help you?

The macom® post surgical bra is already an absolute Godsend! I just feel like it’s a comfort blanket. The nurse was familiar with the brand and mentioned how popular it is with ladies who have had surgery on their breasts.

The nurse put it on me which was very easy and hassle free. It fastens at the front and can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

I feel like everything on my chest is in its place and when I go to sleep I am comfortable and wake up feeling refreshed.


Are you happy with the results?

It is still early days for myself but I am over the moon with how I am feeling mentally and physically.


What would you advise to someone wanting to have a cosmetic surgery?

I would advise that you do your research on your surgeon and have very good knowledge of the look you want to achieve. I know my surgeon is well known for leaving the breast with an ‘almost invisible scar’ and I wanted to look in proportion. After months of research I knew exactly whom I wanted and I didn’t look back. 


Photos were authorised by the patient to be used on the macom® website. They should not be used without the consent of macom® and the Patient.

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