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Compression Flight Support Socks

Your legs and feet carry our body weight through every day, it’’s understandable that sometimes they get fatigued or encounter more serious problems. They deserve the best care, whether recovering from surgery or need support with vascular problems. Our compression and flight socks are about to become your go-to solution for any condition where your feet and legs need a little more TLC.

With your comfort in mind our support stockings are ¾ length from your feet to below the knee, closed around the heel and open around the toes. We’ve designed them with outward facing seams so that there is no chafing or post-op incision pain. This makes them suitable for use if you suffer from vascular problems, are undergoing sclerotherapy, or following ankle and calf procedures.

Our socks double up as flight compression socks both post-op and everyday, making them the perfect travel companion to help prevent DVT during long flights. Their medical grade compression technology ensures that they are great at alleviating the discomfort of swollen ankles and feet.


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