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Compression Garments

Compression Bodysuits: Full Body Compression Garments

Your body is an amazing instrument to be nurtured and cared for, especially after it has undergone a surgical procedure. That is why we developed our surgical compression garments range to include full body compression garments and girdles. 

Depending on the procedure you have chosen, you can target a combination of body parts as these compression suits and girdles are suitable to use after multi-procedure surgeries. They are comfortable to wear everyday and we’ve taken special care so that they do not cause abrasion against incisions or sensitive areas created by the surgery. 

Body Compression Suits That Support You

Our body compression suits have the sole purpose of supporting your body through your post-op recovery period, in a comfortable, medical grade garment you'll love wearing. With a broad range of compression body suits for women, you can find the perfect garment to fit your needs.

The technology used to create our post surgical compression bodysuits will ultimately enhance the result of your procedure. They do this by applying compression right where you need it while expanding with and moulding to a body that heals and changes during the process.

Our range of full body compression garments are easy to use and adjustable so as to not strain your body while it is recovering.

Use Body Girdles Post Abdominal Surgery

Our body girdles feature medical grade, highly compressive technology that has been specially developed by expert surgeons who know the ins and outs of recovering after surgery. They are compatible with recovery requirements for a lot of different procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast surgery and implants. 

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  • International Delivery
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