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Compression Garments

Mastectomy Bras, Breast Reconstruction & Implant Removal Compression

For those recovering from a mastectomy, macom® compression bras are uniquely designed with you in mind to help assist in your recovery. We understand the stress that surgery can have on the mind and body, particularly after breast cancer, which is why our post-operation mastectomy bras are created to ease and support your physical healing process, so you can focus on everything else.

By collaborating with surgeons, our compression bras are designed using medical-grade compression technology which increases blood circulation, aids skin and breast tissue retraction and reduces the risk of lymphedema. Compression evenly distributed around your back gives support so you can move more freely and with greater ease in the immediate period after mastectomy or reconstructive surgery, before you start to consider a prosthesis bra.

We understand that choosing a bra size after surgery can be difficult, which is why each macom® compression mastectomy bra is created with expandable cups which mould and adapt to support your new breast size. These garments are also recommended for those in recovery post breast implant removal.


How long do I have to wear a surgical bra after a mastectomy?

It's recommended to wear the mastectomy bra 24 hours a day, between 6-12 weeks, after the procedure. Mastectomy surgery approaches do vary so always consult your surgeon for individual advice.


How to measure for a mastectomy bra? 

You won't need a measurement to wear the macom® recovery bra.  You only need to know your current high street bra size, i.e. X-Small (28 30), Small (32), Medium (34), Large (36), X-Large (38), XX-Large (40).    

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  • International Delivery
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