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Compression Garments

My Breast Augmentation Journey with Signature bra

Patient Details

Name: Cathxoxomodel

Procedure: breast enlargement

Your age: 27

Height: 5ft5

Pre op size: aa

Pre op weight: 99lbs estimate

Post op weight: undure


Why you decided to have the procedure?

I’ve wanted it done for years and I’ve always felt less feminine and people always point out my weight and I knew having the procedure would make me look healthier as well as be so much happier in myself and more confident so I didn’t have to wear padded bras all the time. I used to get so upset before nights out and struggle to love clothes on me.

I was initially told a year ago I couldn’t have surgery with MYA due to my BMI being too low and I randomly chanced it online and got a call and told them what I was told which they dismissed as long as I was in good health.


The day before the operation - What have you packed and what were you feeling?



Tired and EXCITED not nervous at all as I’d waited so long.


Tell us more about the day of the operation (DAY 1) 

I woke up at 4am to travel to the clinic I had to be there for 7am I was half asleep but so EXITED like how you get for holidays! My partner drove me there and we sat around waiting for surgeon and had my pre op checks then next thing I know I’m walking into theatre and it felt like a minute and I was back in recovery just woken up and the first thing I done was look and get my partner to take a picture so I could see them properly ..I did freak a little as it didn’t look like my body.

The nurse which looked after me that day was amazing and gave me tea and biscuits and anti sickness tabs.

It was a long wait as I had drainsin and one wouldn’t stop bleeding but at 10pm I was finally allowed home.


Tell us more about the day after the operation (DAY 2)

The day after was harder than I ever imagined I felt like I had been hit by a bus in my chest..I could hardly move and I had strapping which wasn’t comfortable,I luckily had someone to look after me and someone to keep asking to show me what they looked like as I couldn’t believe I had them! It was more pain that I ever imagined but my Macon bra quickly became my favourite from the 4 different types I brought and I felt lost every time it went into the wash ..the others didn’t compare and we’re nowhere near as comfy!!


How the did macom® compression garment help you?

I loved it! The macom® post surgery bra was by far the most comfortable and with the front fastening it allowed me to be cheeky and keep looking. Also the expandable cups were amazing I can’t believe how they actually work!


Are you happy with the results?

Yes very happy and think If I didn’t have my macom® post surgery bra they wouldn’t look as great!


What would you advise to someone wanting to have a cosmetic surgery?

Do your research font just go with someone because you know someone who had that surgeon- fond a surgeon best suited for your needs and do your research on after care and post op.

Photos were authorised by the patient to be used on macom® website. They should not be used without the consent of macom® and the Patient.

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