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Compression Garments

My Pregnancy Journey


Nadja's story


About me

Name: Nadja

Age: 35 years old

Height: 5ft 6

Pregnancy journey: Baby number 1 (hopefully natural birth)

How many months pregnant: 8 months

Pre-pregnancy bra size: 32D

Pregnancy bra size: 34E

Pre pregnancy dress size: Size 8

How was pregnancy for you?

I am currently 8 months pregnant. In the first 10 weeks I was so tired, no matter how much I slept, I was constantly tired. Luckily I did not suffer from morning sickness, which I am grateful for. I do like fashion but didn’t splurge on a specialist maternity wardrobe; instead I bought clothes 2 sizes (Size 12) bigger as I found that maternity clothes were a bit too ‘floaty’ for my style. I got a few maternity skinny jeans and leggings but that was about it.

How did MACOM bras help you in pregnancy?

My breasts grew very big early in pregnancy and even the circumference under my bust went up. Before pregnancy I was a 32D and I had to go up to a 34E but found that normal bras were so uncomfortable. The underwire would cut into my expanding tummy and I felt so restrictive as the breasts were hormonal they would grow and be overall sensitive. I started using the  compression bras from 10 weeks in my pregnancy and they have been a Godsend, especially in the last few months. I started by getting the i–bra and then bought a few different styles as I loved the first one so much. What I really liked about the bra is that they are all front-fastening with hook & eyes, which means that when my tummy was growing I could loosen the lowest hook & eyes to relieve the pressure of my tummy but still keep the support on my chest – Such a brilliant design!

What do you like most about the bras?

Second stage bra – My favourite out of the bras. Not too compressive and expands really well. Sits a bit lower on the cleveage than the other bras which I liked and the logo band under the chest gave good uplifting support. From 6 months I had do undo the last hook & eyes and it was still very supportive.

Signature bra – Was great up until 6 months when my chest was still not too large, after that I felt I needed a bit more support. Seamless and so soft against the skin.  

i-bra – Very supportive and seamless against the skin. Also a favourite.

Maternity bra – Super supportive.

How did the MACOM compression shorts help in your pregnancy?

I got the pregnancy support compression shorts in my second trimester when my tummy started to show. It helped to support the bump and compress the thighs for any fluid build up. Luckily, I didn’t suffer much from puffy legs but I had heard horror stories from friends who had so I was using it more for preventative reasons. I found the leg compression comfortable and the expanding tummy area supportive as it was cradling my bump nicely as it grew. I also liked the fact that the garment was not showing through clothing and was also holding in my flanks, as I was gaining weight through pregnancy. It made me feel less ‘frumpy’ and clothes fitted better so I could enjoy my pregnancy fashionably.

What did you pack in your hospital bag?

From a scale from 1 – 10 how helpful were macom® garments in your pregnancy so far?

Definitely a 10! I could not have done without the bras. I haven’t suffered back pain too much but I had a friend who swore on wearing the bump band to relieve her back problems in pregnancy.


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