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Compression Garments

Abdominal Binders & Compression Wraps

Helping your body to heal and get back into shape with targeted support and care lies at the heart of all our products. The same goes into our specially developed abdominal binders and compression wraps for use post-surgery.

Our medical-grade compression stomach binders have been developed by surgeons and are recommended by surgeons to use after procedures such as abdominal surgeries, hernia and bariatric surgeries, tummy tucks and liposuction.

Our abdominal binders are unisex and therefore suitable for use by either men or women. They are also available as three or four panel binders to accommodate you if you are taller or have a longer torso. Furthermore you can use them on their own or in combination with other post-surgery garments for optimum compression where needed.

In the development of our garments, we take your comfort and ease of use during post-surgery recovery process seriously. All of the stomach binders feature adjustable velcro fastening and also provide you with back support to help ease back pain.





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  • International Delivery
  • No hassle returns
  • Happy Customers
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