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Compression Garments

Plus Size Compression Garments

After a surgical procedure your body is more fragile. Cosmetic and medical surgeons both strongly recommend investing in post-surgical garments that provide the right amount of compression to speed up the healing process and support your body where you need it.

Our plus size compression garments accommodate your curves while still providing optimum support, whether full-body or in targeted areas. Garments like our plus size compression tights are high-waisted and assist with recovery from lower body procedures in your thighs, flanks and tummy such as liposuction or abdominoplasty. We have developed our plus size bras and girdles to fit you perfectly if you have a fuller bust while providing sufficient support at the front and in your upper back.

We value your comfort in the use of our products very highly, which is why they are designed to be incredibly wearable even when your body experiences sensitivity after a procedure. They are adjustable enough to adapt to your changing figure as it recovers and can be discreetly concealed underneath your clothing.





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  • International Delivery
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