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Compression Garments

Maternity Shapewear & Pregnancy Compression Garments

Throughout your pregnancy journey, your body goes through a strenuous transformation as it adapts to and nourishes the growing baby inside it. This is not always the most comfortable process and everyday-clothing and underwear often do not support the added weight, which causes increased discomfort. Thankfully, you can get the support you need with maternity shapewear and pregnancy compression garments.

Comfortable Maternity Shapewear & Underwear

Our range of maternity compression garments includes specifically created maternity underwear and maternity shapewear, such as our pregnancy girdle, to support the unique needs of pregnancy. Our maternity shapewear can help with lower back pain during pregnancy.

These items are designed to be comfortable enough to wear everyday while providing the support your body needs throughout your pregnancy. We have also focused on features that add functionality to our maternity underwear such as seamless designs, adjustable straps and frontal closures.

Supportive Pregnancy Compression Garments

Our pregnancy compression garments are developed to lessen lower back pain, adapt to a changing bust size and provide sufficient bump weight support. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, some of our pregnancy shapewear, like the pregnancy belt, can help when you are exercising, as well as offering day-to-day support.

Even though our pregnancy compression garments aim to provide optimum support and comfort, they are designed to be discreet enough to wear with your maternity wardrobe. Browse our range of compression underwear, panties and other garments below.

If you are looking for postpartum compression garments, such as for use after a C-section, check out our postpartum range.


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  • International Delivery
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