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Compression Garments

Postpartum Girdles, Wraps & Shaping Underwear

Giving birth is one of the most miraculous things your body will ever do. However, your body changes and optimal support throughout the process of healing and recovery post pregnancy is imperative.

We have developed a range of medical-grade, postpartum girdles, belly wraps, waist trainers and underwear for you as a new mother to get back in shape and nurture your body through the recovery process.

Our ranges of postpartum shapewear and postpartum underwear have been designed in collaboration with surgeons to address your specific needs after pregnancy whether you have given birth naturally or through a C-section procedure.

Our postnatal compression garments are specially developed to sculpt your body so that you can regain strength and confidence following the birth of your child. While your body is prone to swelling, sensitivity and discomfort, our postpartum shapewear is purposefully designed to provide maximum support and compression in key areas. The garments mould to your curves where needed while being comfortable enough for everyday use helping you to look and feel your best.




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  • International Delivery
  • No hassle returns
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