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My Breast Augmentation Recovery Journey

At macom®, we believe in the benefit and power of personal testimonials. Our Patient Journeys are a chance for those who have undergone cosmetic surgery and used our compression garments during recovery to share their experiences and recommendations. 

In this video, My Breast Augmentation Recovery Journey, Tanya talks about her surgery and the macom® breast augmentation bras she chose to support her recovery. You can find the key takeaways and bra recommendations from her interview below, along with a transcript.

Video: Tanya's Patient Journey

Key Breast Augmentation Recovery Takeaways

Here are some of the key points from Tanya’s video:

  • Her patient advisor explained the benefits of post-op bras so she could make an informed choice about breast augmentation bras.
  • She chose to wear a macom bra day and night for over a year, post-op, because she found them so comfortable and supportive, even though she could have stopped after 6 weeks.
  • The macom4MYA bra, worn immediately post-surgery, was very soft and supportive.
  • She wore the signature bra or i-Bra at nighttime, as they have been designed to sleep in, and found them very comfortable.
  • Tanya believes the bras helped with her recovery, and helped her post-op breasts grow closer together.

Recommended Breast Augmentation Bras

The macom4MYA bra is available exclusively on the MYA website: macom4MYA bra

My Breast Augmentation Recovery Video Transcript

Post Op Healing - Macom Bras

Hi, my name's Tanya. I had a breast augmentation with my cosmetic surgery just over a year ago now.

So I chose the macom post-surgery bra after speaking with my patient coordinator, getting some advice and tips on what bras I should wear. She explained the benefits of the bra, how they were great value for money. I liked the way they looked, so, yeah, after a discussion and some research on the internet, I was very happy to choose macom for my post-surgery bra. 

How did you find wearing macom?

When I first tried on my macom4MYA bra, I was extremely happy with how soft it was, how it felt. 

I wasn't quite happy because it wasn't full. Um, I couldn't imagine it being full. But yeah, when I took it to surgery and I then woke up after I'd had my breast augmentation with a bra on, I was, I was absolutely amazed with how I looked. Um, and yet it didn't irritate me. It was soft, it was comfortable, it was supportive. It did everything that I needed it to do. And I was very happy with how it felt and how it looked after surgery.

How long did you wear macom?

I wore my macom bra every day, every night, religiously. 

I was told by my nurse and advice from my surgeon to wait for at least six weeks. But here we are, one year post-op, wearing the bras every day, every night to sleep. I personally go for comfort and support. And yet these bras tick all the boxes. I don't think I can ever imagine not wearing them. Um, that'd be pretty strange, but yeah.

I truly believe that bras have helped with my recovery, helped with the results that I've achieved, um, all around they've just really satisfied all of my needs in regards to what I want from a bra, a post-op bra.

Did you wear macom while sleeping?

Every night when I go to bed, I wear this beautiful bra here, as you can see. This is the specially designed sleeping bra from macom. And yeah, I don't think there's a night – there's actually been one night in the last year when I haven't worn one of these bras for bed. 

It is designed especially for six weeks post surgery. So obviously prior to the six weeks I was wearing my macom4MYA bra, my signature or my i-bra for bed.

Each one of my bras has helped me with recovery. They've helped me in different ways. So they've given me support, they've given me comfort. And I personally believe that these bras have helped me achieve the results that I now have at one year post-op. 

I believe sleeping in a bra every night has given me the support, it's helped to get my breasts closer together. Um, obviously there's no science behind that. Well, that's just me personally. With that support at night, I feel like if I didn't have that, I maybe wouldn't have the results and I wouldn't be as happy with my breast augmentation as I am today.


---transcript end---

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