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Compression Garments

C-Section Compression Garments & Shapewear

C-sections, or caesarean sections, can take weeks to recover from. During that time, your stomach area will greatly benefit from additional support, both in terms of your ability to care for your new baby and to aid your body's recovery. We have a curated range of medical-grade, postnatal compression garments and shapewear for C-sections. 

Find C-Section Girdles, Corsets & Wraps

Find a range of postpartum shapewear and compression garments for C-sections that will comfortably support your body in the hours, days and weeks after your caesarean section. It will take at least 6 weeks to recover from a C-section, which is a major surgery, so avoid trying to rush recovery or doing so unaided.

During the first stage of your recovery, more supportive C-section compression garments are recommended. For example, a high-back girdle with memory foam insert creates a snug cocoon around the abdomen during your initial weeks of recovery. Similarly, in the first two weeks of recovery, using a 3-panel binder, which wraps around the stomach area, pleasantly holding your tummy area, makes it easier to comfortably move around.

Shop C-Section Compression Underwear

C-section compression underwear is ideal for post-surgery support during stage 2 of your recovery – typically from 6 weeks after your c-section.

Use Crafted Shapewear After C-Sections

As your recovery progresses, you can move to more moderate support, such as shapewear for C-sections. Body slimmers and shaping girdles are useful for C-section recovery once you are a few weeks along. These can be worn under your clothes to smooth your stomach area and give support. Post C-section shapewear will allow you to confidently get moving as you return to your day-to-day life.

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