How Tight Should A Compression Garment Be?

Compression garments are an essential part of post-operative recovery and care. They are fundamental to recovering quickly and comfortably. They are necessary for achieving the desired results of an operation, however, they only work if worn properly. 

The fit and tightness of your compression garment should be balanced for comfort and performance. So how tight is right?

How Tight Is Too Tight For Compression Garments?

In general, to benefit from a compression garment, it should fit snugly. It should never cause discomfort. Compression garments should reduce the throbbing pain associated with healing post-surgery and not cause any pain. 

If there is pain, you should stop wearing the garment immediately. 

For example, a good way to tell if the garment is too tight is if sliding your hand underneath it requires force. Another is if the garment starts to roll down; the garment should lay flat over your skin. If not, you know you need a larger size. Macom® compression garments are double skinned with inserts to prevent ripples. These inserts are one size fits all. They secure ultimate, compact compression in the most crucial areas for each individual. 

When ordering a garment for after your surgery, select your size based on your current measurements. You may be losing body fat, but you will also have post-surgery swelling which could counterbalance it. For postnatal purposes, however, you should purchase a garment one size larger than your pre-pregnancy size to help your body transition comfortably to its pre-pregnancy shape.

Our size chart is a useful tool for selecting your best size.

We recommend looking for compression garments that have an element of give, such as those made with elastane or adjustable eye hooks, so that the garment can be tailored to your individual shape. 

Macom® bras, for example, have fully expandable cups that conform to your new cup size following surgery so that the compression is targeted appropriately surrounding the cups and throughout the back. The Signature Bra (1007) with additional adjustability in the straps is often a surgeon’s first choice. 

Medical Grade Compression Garments Ensure Comfort And Correct Tightness

Medical grade compression garments use technology to ensure the correct tightness while remaining comfortable. They improve circulation, which increases the supply of oxygen throughout the body and reduces swelling.

The macom® support garments and post-surgical compression garments all use medical grade compression. They have all the necessary adjustable qualities to ensure the perfect shape for you. 

For post-surgical healing, caesarean healing, postnatal healing, slimming and ultimate bodyshaping, macom® compression garments are ideal. Macom® is the leading provider of high-quality compression garments, supplying cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Not sure if you've got the right fit? Speak to our team (0207 351 0488) or to your surgeon.

Posted by team macom® on 20 Jan 2023

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