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Postnatal Compression Garments

From a baby tum, to a yummy mum


Postnatal compression is no longer just for the elite squad. Once a popular method in Asia, Latin America and part of Europe, today we are seeing a different generation of new mothers turn to medical-grade compression shapewear to regain strength, confidence and shape following childbirth.

We know that women’s bodies are designed to "bounce back" post-pregnancy, however, this can be difficult to achieve without any outside help. This is where macom® comes in. As the body prepares for childbirth, an abundant amount of hormones are released to help loosen the abdominal muscles. Because these hormones remain in the body for up to six months following birth, it is important to provide support to the weakened and separated muscles to ensure they can easily return to their pre-pregnancy form. 

The macom® Postnatal range are innovative compression garments, specifically designed to provide comfort and support to help restore the abdomen’s natural shape. As the stomach is compressed, the muscles are more easily joined together, allowing for the mother’s natural shape to be regained at a much faster rate.

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