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Post Surgery & Mastectomy Bras


Post-surgery bras are specifically designed to stabilize and protect the breasts as your body heals and adjusts to your breasts’ new weight and feel after a cosmetic surgery or mastectomy,. The average recovery time for breast surgery is 6 to 8 weeks. It can take a year before the breasts are completely healed so it is essential that a post-op bra feels comfortable. Compression treatment following breast surgery improves blood circulation, minimizes swelling, and stabilizes implants, ultimately enhancing the results of the procedure and ensuring comfort as you resume daily activities.

The right bra will also help to avoid post surgery complications such as implant shifting, swelling and infection, and so it should be worn at all times, day and night, even when sleeping.

You can feel comfortably protected and secure in macom® medical bras with their seamless design, adaptive compression and carefully crafted firm support to help you have a fast post-op recovery.

When first worn, a recovery bra may feel slightly constrictive and quite rigid, this is normal as most women are used to pre-moulded cups and unsupportive bras. This feeling will fade away with time as the breast heals. Ensuring you purchase the correct size from the start is crucial for your recovery. Our intelligent macom® design makes finding the right size easy. You only need to fit to your current back size. The cups will expand and mould to the your breast size during wear. All our post surgery bras are front fastening which significantly reduces the discomfort of back fastening bras and we’ve found it increases your mobility from the start. They are easily adjusted too, due the two sets of eye-hooks. There is no underwiring in any of our bras and all come with adjustable straps.

Following breast surgery, your surgeon will usually advise you to wear a compression bra. Working with surgeons, we have created several styles of medical bra, each specially designed to support you after a different procedure, whether it’s a  breast augmentation, breast reduction and uplift or a mastectomy. The post-op Signature bra is our best seller and can be worn during recovery from any breast surgery. The surgical compression i-Bra is the most supportive recovery bra of the range due to its double layer under the breast, so it’s ideal for big implants or big breasts. The post-surgical Ultimate bra will be best option if you have a long body. The correct fit is fundamental to getting the best outcome, so we recommended that you try on your bra before your surgical procedure to ensure a good size and fit.

To prevent stretching, tearing and to keep your bras new for as long as possible, hand wash them with care using cold water. Do not dry your bras in the dryer, as the heat will damage the elastic. Movement, sweat, and warmth causes the elastic in the bra to stretch, so it’s best to have at least two bras and to rotate them to allow them to recover their shape between wears.

The macom® guide for cosmetic breast surgery has practical tips on how to speed up your recovery time and optimise your results with expert advice from leading UK plastic surgeons.


macom® are not healthcare providers. If you have any medical questions or concerns please, consult your medical provider.

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