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Compression Garments

MTF Surgery Compression Garments

Medical-Grade Compression Garments For MTF Surgery Recovery

Our MTF surgery compression garments are medical-grade, ensuring you get the best support as you recover from your procedures. 

Male to female (MTF) transgender surgery can include a range of procedures. Commonly these focus on breast augmentations, specifically breast implants. The primary post op compression garment we recommend is a compression bra. These bras offer medical-grade compression, fit snugly without digging in and help the body to heal while supporting a patient's new breasts.

Recommended first stage garments are the Signature Bra and the i-Bra. These can be supported by a Breast Band if implants require additional stabilisation. For the second stage of recovery, we have a medium impact post-op sports bra: the Second Stage Bra. 

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  • International Delivery
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