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Compression Garments

Transgender Surgery Post Op Compression Garments

Gender affirming surgery comprises a range of procedures. Which procedure a trans or non-binary person chooses to have, if any, differs from person to person. For transgender people, common surgeries include: breast implant surgery and mastectomies.

For all transgender people undergoing gender affirming surgery, recovery is an important part of the process. Getting the right compression garment for each stage of recovery will help to alleviate discomfort, minimise pain and ensure the best possible results.

MTF Surgery Recovery Garments

Our male to female (MTF) surgery recovery garments focus on breast augmentations, specifically breast implants. The primary post op compression garment we recommend is a compression bra. These bras offer medical-grade compression, fit snugly without digging in and help the body to heal while supporting a patient's new breasts.

Recommended first stage garments are the Signature Bra and the i-Bra. These can be supported by a Breast Band if implants require additional stabilisation. For the second stage of recovery, we have a medium impact post-op sports bra: the Second Stage Bra. 

FTM Top Surgery Recovery Garments

Female to male (FTM) surgery is commonly referred to as top surgery. For many transgender and non-binary people, removal of the breasts via a mastectomy helps address feelings of gender dysphoria. 

These compression garments include tops that apply compression to the upper chest area to promote healthy healing. Recommended top surgery recovery garments include the Minimizer Vest and Torsofix Vest. Available variations of these include the Minimizer Vest with adjustable shoulder straps and Torsofix with sleeves

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